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Practitioner & Facilitator Training in Sound Massage Therapy & Therapeutic Sound


“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine nature, not entertainment”
– Pythagoras

International Practitioner Training


Commencing in October – Thursday Evening Diploma classes in Cork City..
Are you finding that you are having clashes with our weekend timetables due to other commitments?  Would week night study suit you much better than studying on weekends?  Why not study one night per week instead of the usual weekend mode of study?  With our new weekly practitioner training classes.  More information will be here soon!

It’s no mistake you are reading this right now.  The universe will open up new opportunities for you when you feel the calling, it’s all about timing and being in tune with your life and the world around you.

There has never been a better time to study the sacred science of healing with sound in a professional setting to obtain the knowledge, skills and SHAI & MBII accredited qualification for excellence in clinical practice and/or group facilitation.

Also well suited for those wishing to discover how to heal with the sacred science of sound for their own interest and personal development.

Each class will fascinate you with just the right combination of inspiring talks, practical demonstrations and in-class experiential practice where you learn by doing..  You will also learn valuable techniques necessary to develop your natural ability as an intuitive sound therapist,  Continuous assessment in-class ensures that you fully understand each concept and how to implement the techniques effectively before moving on to the next topic..

Whatever has brought you are here, it’s no co-incidence.  Please take some time to browse the website for information, and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Practitioner training is conducted throughout the year and also on demand.

What is the Earth Sounds© method of Sonic Massage & Therapeutic Sound Healing?

The Earth Sounds© method of sonic massage & therapeutic sound healing is a unique blend of ancient healing knowledge combined with modern science and clinical practice to provide a proven clinical treatment and/or a group therapeutic sound healing method for the modern holistic & natural therapist or spa & beauty professional.  

With just the right balance of theory, scientific concepts and modern clinical practice the extensive learning material taught in such a way that it is very easy to understand.   Blended with just the right balance of in-class clinical practice to ensure competency in all aspects of learning with plenty of opporutunity to ask questions along the way.   By the time you receive your Diploma award you will be experienced and ready to commence your clinical practice with real clients right away.

Used either as a preventative measure or to resolve an existing health problem, the Earth Sounds© method of sonic massage & therapeutic sound healing can be a truly profound and transformational experience for the individual. Earth Sounds© sonic massage & therapeutic sound healing is also very beneficial for the practitioner who will also feel the calming and healing effects. Sonic massage & therapeutic sound is also the perfect treatment for those who either don’t want to, or can’t do any strenuous exercise or workout, as the treatment is conducted stress and movement-free with the client fully clothed and lying on the therapy table, with a blanket over for comfort and warmth.

Free Online Gong Bath Meditation

Relax and unwind with our 6.5 minute mini-sound bath meditation, just enough to help you shift your awareness and find your inner peace.  Just click “play” on the Youtube below to experience the gong sound bath.

Inspiring Workshops

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Choose from Two Diploma Study Streams

s Our Earth Sounds© Sound Therapy & Therapeutic Sound Practioner Diplomas & Advanced Diploma offers you the choice of two study streams, depending on your requirements.

First complete your Level 1 Earth Sounds© Certified Introduction to Sound Therapy Practitioner’s Certificate then choose one of the following Diploma study pathways:

  • Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy Practitioners Diploma – sound healing for individual clinical treatment.
  • Earth Sounds© Master Facilitator Diploma – sound healing in groups.

or study both Diplomas for your Earth Sounds© Advanced Sound Therapy Practitioner Diploma award.

Our Sound Therapy Practitioner training also offers a study pathway to the Earth Sounds© Nada Yoga Nidra Teachers Diploma by Yoga Nidra School, with just one more day of study to complete, on completion of your Earth Sounds Therapeutic Sound Faciltators Diploma

Practitioners Diploma Level 2

Pre-requisite: Level 1

Advanced Diploma Level 4 - Gong Therapy & Yoga Nidra

Gong sound therapy plus.  Pre-requisite: Level 1

Practitioners Diploma Level 3

Pre-requisite: Level 2

Advanced Diploma Level 5 - Drum Therapy & Yoga Nidra

Drum sound therapy plus.  Pre-requisite: Level 4

Are you ready to join the emerging science of sound therapy?

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