2-Day Workshop


  • TSMPD1: Earth Sounds© Therapeutic Sound Foundation Level 1
  • TSMPD2: Earth Sounds© Therapeutic Sound Level 2

This module is Part 3 of the 3 part Earth Sounds© Practitioners Diploma of Therapeutic Sound (Sound Therapy)

Topics include: (but not limited to)

  • Grounding, centering and connecting to the web of life
  • Advanced techniques for the Earth Sounds© method of sonic massage individual treatment.
  • Advanced bio-field tuning with tuning forks and other instruments
  • Good business practice: setting up your business
  • Marketing strategies for business success
  • Using the pendulum to connect with subtle energies
  • Making your own pendulum
  • Preparation for Case study treatments
  • In-class assessment: Individual client treatment
  • Clinical practice – putting it all together
  • Earth Sounds© Sound Bath experience to integrate the healing energies of the weekend
  • plus more!

You will be assessed and coached every step of the way to ensure that you have the best chance at succeeding in your new business.

Our goal is to produce confident and capable Earth Sounds© Sonic Massage & Therapeutic Sound Practitioners.
On completion of your level 3 practical assessment and submission of your case study notes, you will be certified as an Earth Sounds© Sonic Massage & Therapeutic Sound Practitioner and ready to conduct individual treatments with your choice of sound healing instruments.

Accreditation:  This training is accredited by Mind Body Institute of Ireland (MBII) and Sound Healing Association of Ireland (SHAI)