Certified 1 Day Introduction to Sound & Vibrational Healing Workshop
A beginners workshop suitable for anyone with an interest in sound and energy healing for self healing or the treatment of others, no previous experience required.  Note: Existing therapists (including yoga teachers) may request exemption from this module.
This is a recommended pre-requisite module for the following courses:
– Earth Sounds© Practitioner’s Diploma of Therapeutic Sound (Sound Therapy)
– Earth Sounds© Master Facilitator’s Diploma of Therapeutic Sound (Sound Therapy)
In this inspiring one day workshop you will learn :

Energy & Vibrational Healing

– History of Energy & Vibrational healing
– Introduction to energy and vibrational healing including a variety of principles and methods
– The role of intention in energy and vibrational healing
– How to prepare yourself as a therapist energetically including grounding
– Preparing the healing space
– How to dispel negative energy from a room using a variety of methods
– Introduction to the Chakra system
– Introduction to the Meridian system
– How to create the sacred healing space.
– Introduction to the sacred science of healing with sound
– Connecting with the healing energy of the cosmos and the sacred sound stream.

Sound Healing and Sound Therapy

– Conduct an aura cleanse & balance using a single himalayan bowl and the Earth Sounds© method
– Tools and methods to enhance the outcome of your sound healing treatment
– Introduction to sound healing with voice using sacred mantra
– Learn how to clear and balance the chakras with voice sound healing

Meditation for the Therapist

– Learn effective meditation techniques for the energy therapist

– Learn about the importance of setting your intention to achieve effective results
– How
to connect to nature, plants and trees for spirit healing
– Experience a blissful Earth Sounds© sacred gong sound journey meditation to integrate the healing energies of the day

–  Plus much more!
Includes class manual and Certificate of Completion.

Accreditation:  This course is accredited by Mind Body Institute of Ireland (MBII)