If you are studying for personal interest, there are no pre-requisites .

If you are studying as part of our Diplomas you will also need to study:

  • NYYSG1: Nada Yoga – Yoga of Sound Certified Practitioner
  • or TSMPD1: Therapeutic Sound Foundation Level 1


This inspiring 1-day training is for those with a calling to connect deeply with the healing power of the Drum as a therapeutic intervention working individually or with groups. Discover different types of drum, effective use of drum for journey meditation and healing techniques to enhance their practice working with the self and others.

Includes effective techniques for both individual treatment and working groups.

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing your drum
  • Connecting with your drum
  • Getting to know shamanic frame drum
  • Getting to know Hang drum/Handpan
  • Developing your intuitive guidance
  • Creating sacred space
  • Drum for ceremony and ritual
  • Journey meditation with the drum
  • Clinical treatment with drum & rattle
  • Connecting your drum with the rythm of life
  • Safely working with trance states and the drum
  • Trance journey meditation – method and practice

Rattle Making

  • Making Your Rattle

Your own frame drum of any size is required for this training.

Accreditation:  This training is accredited by Mind Body Institute of Ireland (MBII) and Sound Healing Association of Ireland (SHAI)