1-Day Workshop


  • NYYSG1: Nada Yoga – Yoga of Sound Certified Practitioner
  • or TSMPD1: Therapeutic Sound Foundation Level 1
  • or equivalent.


This inspiring 1-day certified training is for those with a calling to connect deeper with the healing power of the Gong as a therapeutic intervention working individually in a clinical consultation or with groups. Discover the power of the sacred gong, learning advanced gong techniques for sacred gong bath/therapeutic sound healing along with individual treatment with the hand gong and Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

  • The Gong and its effect on energy
  • Connecting with your Gong
  • Care of your Gong
  • Advanced techniques for therapeutic Gong sound healing
  • Gong for ceremony and ritual
  • Effective (and safe) trance work to supercharge your Gong sessions
  • Journey meditation with the Gong and sacred gong bath
  • Gong healing with nature and the land
  • Individual treatment: Chakra balance with the hand Gong

The Ceremonial Rattle

  • The Significance of the Rattle in Ceremony
  • Types of Rattles
  • Methods of Rattle Making
  • Making Your Own Rattle

Gong Mastery in Practice

Advanced Gong techniques with a 25+ years student of Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and accomplished Gong practitioner from the UK.

  • How to play advanced sounds with a variety of techniques

Accreditation:  This training is accredited by Mind Body Institute of Ireland (MBII) and Sound Healing Association of Ireland (SHAI)