Level 1 Foundation Certificate

This is the foundation module and prerequisite for each of our Therapetuci Sound Medicine Diplomas and is suitable for anybody with an interest in gaining a recognised qualification in sound healing, sound therapy and sonic massage, either for professional use or for their own personal development. Existing therapist and teachers you can use the skills learning in this module in your existing practise right away. Disocver how to conduct expert sound bath meditations and sound healing groups.

Learn the sacred science of sound healing, how to select your instruments, introduction to sound bath meditation, how to design your own sound baths with instruments of your choosing, including how to effectively induce and maintain Theta trance states of deep meditation required for profound self-healing of mind, body & Spirit to supercharge your sound bath and give your participants the WOW experience every time!

This feature-packed Level 1 Foundation workshop will equip you with the foundation skills you need for futher study to the Diploma awards in both clincial treatment and group sound healing study streams. Discover how to conduct sound bath, sound journey, sound healing in groups with live instruments. You will also learn fundamentals of therapeutic hypnosis and how to facilitate effective guided meditations, vocal toning and sound medicine, how to conduct a single himalayan bowl sonic massage treatment for family and friends and more.

If you are already a qualified and practising energy therapist, natural health or health and wellbeing professional of any kind, including Reiki therapist or Yoga teacher you may use this module may be considered as CPD to enhance your existing qualifications. Please consult your insurance company for details.

Completion of this 2-day weekend workshop will equip you with the foundation knowledge and confidence you need to continue your studies and succeed as a sound healing professional. For those who are already working as a natural health practitioner of any kind, you can immediately incorporate the skills learned into your existing practise as CPD training.

On compl;etion of this worksohp you will also be eligible to study the following Diploma pathways:
– Sonic Massage & Therapeutic Sound Practitioner Diploma & Advanced Diploma
– Therapeutic Sound Facilitator’s Diploma
– Nada Yoga Nidra Teacher’s Diploma

Topics covered in this Level 1 Foundation module include:

  • History of Sound Healing
  • Sacred science of healing with sound
  • Understanding the earth healing frequencies
  • Preparation of the healing space – learn the art of sacred ceremony and ritual and how to create a safe and sacred healing space
  • The Role of Intention
  • The Sacred Science of Healing with Sound
  • Connecting to Web of Life
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Developing your confidence as a therapist
  • How to avoid sound bath mistakes
  • Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Sonic Massage/Sound Healing
  • Introduction to sound healing with voice.
  • Journey through the chakras
  • How to choose your instruments including gong, singing bowls, shamanic drum and more
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • The 3 stages of Transformational Guided Meditation© (TGM)
  • Learn how to expertly conduct guided meditations using therapeutic hypnosis techniques.
  • Introduction to basic playing techniques for a range of instruments including including gong, singing bowls, shamanic drum and more
  • How to use the principles of hypnosis and your instruments to effectively induce and maintain the trance state essential for profound self-healing
  • Conducting a Single Himalayan Bowl clincial treatment for family & friends
  • Putting it all together: Experience a real Earth Sounds© sound healing/sound bath/sound Journey meditation
  • plus much more!

If you intend continuing with our Diploma study, it is recommended that you purchase a Peter Hess Universal Therapy singing bowl, or “joint” bowl.  Available from Gandharva Loka in Dublin, or Thomann Online here https://www.thomann.de/ie/peter_hess_phks9_g.htm

If you wish to purchase a cheaper handmade bowl instead of the Peter Hess therapy bowl, you may wish to consider this 20 cm bowl from Thomann at €89 complete with silk cushion and rubbing striker.

Remember to bring your singing bowl with you to class!

Accreditation:  This training is accredited by Mind Body Institute of Ireland (MBII) and Sound Healing Association of Ireland (SHAI)