Did you know – that Yoga teachers don’t really need any extra qualification to conduct a sound bath meditation class?

How is this Possible?

Because a sound bath meditation is – exactly what it says – it’s a style of meditation.  Yoga teachers are already qualified to teach meditation aren’t they?  Of course they are, because meditation was covered in your Yoga Teacher training – remember?.

How do I know this?  Because I am not only a Teaching Sound Therapist, but I am also a Yoga-Alliance Registered RYT200 Yoga Teacher. 

Beware of any training school who offers sound bath training for Yoga teachers and tells you that you must take several years to complete your training before you can be qualified to deliver your own sound bath meditation classes  WARNING!   This is absolutely not true!  Real workplace training is designed to suit the needs of the learner and the demands of their workplace, NOT the wishes and needs of the training school.

As a qualified Yoga teacher you are already qualified to teach a meditation class.  You have already done the work to bring yourself to a state of conscious awareness necessary to teach Yoga,   Which also means that you are already at the state of conscious awareness necessary to connect with and tune in to work intuitively with sound to deliver a sound bath meditation class.  You were born for this! 

By choosing the right teacher to guide you, you will be confident, capable and ready to deliver an inspiring and effective sound bath meditation class as soon as YOU decide you are ready!

So why are there so many Yoga teachers and mind body professionals around the world, waiting to enrol in our next Yoga of Sound Certified Masterclass for Yoga Teachers and Mind Body Professionals? . 

There are so many reasons but the No.1 reason is:

To fast-track their learning, so they can be capable & confident and begin integrating sound into their existing practice as soon as possible.

There are many more reasons but for Yoga Teachers and others already teaching and/or working in any mind body therapies, that’s the No.1 (and the best) reason.   You’ll also learn how to supercharge your guided meditations and Yoga Nidra with real techniques from clinical hypnosis, how to design and conduct a sound bath meditation using any instrument(s) of your choosing, you’ll learn about the importance of lawful compliance, and how to advertise (and how not to advertise) your sound bath meditation classes in order to maximise your success, plus much more.

A few words from our Master Tutor regarding Yoga of Sound fast-track course for Yoga Teachers and Mind Body Professionals:

My responsibility as a Sound Therapist, Yoga teacher a workplace trainer of adults, is not only to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for success as an intuitive practitioner of therapeutic sound, but also to empower you with the confidence to believe in yourself, so you can deliver unique & inspiring sound bath meditation classes as soon as YOU know when YOU are readySharon Quigley

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