Earth Sounds©

The sacred science of healing with sound ..


““There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres”
– Pythagoras

What is the Earth Sounds© method of Sound Therapy?

The Earth Sounds© method of sound therapy is a unique blend of ancient sacred wisdom, science and a modern clinical practice to provide valid and effective clinical treatment methods and group sound healing for the modern holistic therapist, yoga teacher, beauty spa professional or for anyone with a calling to learn more about the science of healing with sound in. professional setting.

Used either as a preventative measure or to assist with an existing health problem, the Earth Sounds© method of sound therapy can be a truly profound and transformational experience for the individual.   Earth Sounds© sound therapy is also beneficial for the therapist conducting the treatment who also greatly benefit from the balancing, calming and healing effects of the healing sound frequencies.

Earth `Sounds© method of Sound Therapy has been found to provide assistance to those who are seeking an effective complementary treatment for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Back & neck pain
  • Endocrine (hormone) imbalances
  • Infertility (if caused by stress)
  • Muscle aches & pains
  • Fybromyalgia
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sleep disorders
  • Tinnitus
  • all stress related conditions

The Earth Sounds© method of sound therapy is also the perfect treatment for those who either don’t want to, or can’t do any strenuous exercise or workout, as the treatment is conducted stress and movement-free with the client fully clothed and lying on the therapy table, with a blanket over for comfort and warmth.

How is the Earth Sounds© Sound Therapy Treatment Conducted?

Firstly the Earth Sounds© practitioner will spend some time in consultation with the client to discuss the purpose of the treatment and also to determine if there are any mind or body health issues which need to be addressed in the treatment session.   The Earth Sounds© Sound Therapy treatment may consist of one or more combination of the following, as intuitively determined by the practitioner:

  • Therapeutic transformational guided meditation (TGM©)
  • Sonic Massage Therapy
  • Biofield Tuning
  • Sound bath meditation.

Therapeutic Transformational Guided Meditation (TGM©) is the Earth Sounds© form of guided meditation combined with positive mind hypnosis, a therapeutic hypnosis intervention to bring about a desired long lasting subconscious positive change.  For example calming the mind for stress reduction, using your own telepathic power of the subconscious mind for self-healing, or chakra balancing.  Earth Sounds© Practitioners with advanced training in TGM© can offer advanced positive mind hypnosis interventions and also write their own to suit the needs of the client.

The Earth Sounds© method of Sonic Massage Therapy is a method of placing the prescribed therapy Himalayan singing bowls of certain healing frequencies on and around certain places of the body in a specific sequence to work with the chakras and the body meridians.  The bowls are struck and/or the rim is rubbed to activate the bowls and produce a resonance or singing sound. 

The intensity of the sound waves generated from the sacred metals of the bowl cause sound vibrations to travel through the skin and into the body.  It is the sound vibrations which break up and clear away any blockages of the “chi” or life force energy flow at a cellular level which aids in clearing and balancing the energy of the mind and body. 

Healing crystals may also be used in a prescribed manner to enhance and assist with the Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy treatment.  Unlike traditional massage therapy where the practitioner is hands on, with sonic massage therapy the practitioner does not touch the client – it is the sound waves which massage the body.

The Earth Sounds© method of bio-field tuning is a treatment method using specially calibrated tuning forks of Pythagorean frequencies to work around and on the body to break up and clear away any dense energies and energy blockages which might exist either in the aura, the energy field surrounding the body or on the body itself.   As with the Himalayan bowls, the bio-field tuning treatment with the prescribed Pythagorean tuning forks will improve the health of mind and body by assisting the body’s “chi” or life force energy to be brought back into perfect balance and harmony.   Healing crystals may also be used in a prescribed manner to enhance and assist with the Earth Sounds© bio-field tuning treatment.

Sound Bath Meditation is the playing of one or more instruments of the practitioners choice to bring about the desired effect to clear and balance chakras and “chi” energy flow in and around the body.  The instruments are played in the room around and near the client as they lay peacefully in a state of meditation and relaxation The sound frequencies work on both the subtle and physical bodies for healing and wellbeing of mind and body.

The full body bio-field tuning with Pythagorean tuning forks is a very different treatment to the full body sonic massage therapy with Himalayan bowls, and a combination of the two can be used, depending on the client’s needs.  The Earth Sounds© practitioner will intuitively determine the best treatment option for the client based on the initial consultation.

The objective of the Earth Sounds© Sound Massage Therapy treatment is to clear and balance the body’s energy systems to facilitate homeostasis, the optimum state of perfect harmony, health and wellbeing of mind and body.

Our Earth Sounds© Sound Therapy Practitioner Diploma study stream equips the practitioner with the necessary skills to conduct effective individual clinical treatments using a  prescribed combination of TGM© guided meditation, Sonic Massage Therapy, Pythagorean Bio-field Tuning and Sound bath meditation.  The combination and treatment required is intuitively determined by the practitioner based on the client’s individual needs.  Our Sound Therapy Practitioner Diploma is suitable for all holistic therapists and beauty spa professionals.  Also sutable for anyone with an interest is sound healing with real instruments of their choice for personal interest, and/or treating family and friends. 

Our Earth Sounds© Master Facilitator Diploma study stream provides skills to conduct effective sound therapy in groups with instruments of your choice and a combination of Transformational Guided Meditation (TGM©), Nada Yoga Nidra and Sound bath meditation including  deeper practice and specialisation of gong therapy and drumming therapy.  Our Master Facilitator Diploma is suitable for all holistic therapists and beauty spa professionals and is also wonderfully suited for yoga teachers.  Also sutable for anyone with an interest is sound healing with instruments of their choice for personal interest, and/or treating family and friends.

Contra-indications:  Direct contact sound massage therapy or bio-field tuning where the bowls or tuning forks are placed directly on the body is not recommended for the following conditions: those with epilepsy; pacemaker; certain types of diabetes; persons with metal implants of any kind; less than three months after major surgery; those with lymph glands removed; those with any organ transplant of any kind; or for women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The reason for this warning is that the individuals described will most likely be taking daily medication for their condition.  The direct contact sound therapy treatment will work so well in bringing the body to a state of perfect balance and harmony, that for the next 3-4 days their daily medication may actually make them feel nauseous or otherwise not well. 

In the case of an organ transplant recipient, this increased state of optimum balance, harmony and health within the mind and body may be particularly dangerous.   As any profound improvement in their health such as can be achieved with the Earth Sounds© method of sound therapy may put their body at risk of rejecting the transplanted organ. 

With the exception of the organ transplant recipient, a combination of TGM© guided meditation and sound bath meditation may be perfectly suitable as it will have a more subtle effect on the body than the direct contact sound massage therapy method.  If unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.