Pre-Class Survey

Pythagoras Insitute of Sound & Vibrational Healing is now based at Yoga Temple on South Mall in Cork City centre.

For compliance purposes, I am obliged to ask you to answer the following questions prior to attending your class, course, workshop or clinical treatment with Sharon Q. during the pandemic restricted periods.  Please note that I will never ask you for your vaccination status, because it is against the law for me to do so.
Please note:  All Classes, courses, workshops or clinical treatments at Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing are Exempt from Covid Digital Pass as they are not Leisure activities, they are either Preventative Health, Clinical Practice, Religious practice, Spiritual practice or Workplace Education & Training.

It is against the law for any business to require you to take part in a medical clinical trial for an experimental medical intervention in order to avail of their services.

If your answer is Yes to any of the health questions in Part 4, you are required to stay home and consult a doctor for advice if necessary.

NOTE:  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me on. Tel: 085 831 3437

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Privacy: Your information submitted will never be provided to a third party without your knowledge and consent, subject to the requirements of the law.